Construction Day!

jferguson 15th June 2015

On Wednesday Longships had a construction-themed day to learn all about how to build different things! We learned about how bricks are made and how to build them into a strong wall or tower using a range of materials. Some of the things we used to build our walls included polystyrene, Lego, wooden blocks and Duplo. We found that working in a team helped to build our creations more quickly. We also had a tallest tower competition and used tubes and blocks to build towering constructions that almost touched the ceiling! The best bit was knocking them down!
After that, we found out about the power of triangles. Did you know that triangles are used to build all sorts of different things because they are really strong? Some of us went for a triangle hunt around the school: they were everywhere! We saw some in the building, as part of the steps and even the frame of Mrs Legg’s bike! We also made triangles using some sticks and then our own bodies. We couldn’t believe how many triangles there are in a cross within a square!
Some of us also had the challenge of using triangles to build the tallest tower we could using only newspaper and sellotape. We only had ten minutes but still managed to build a tower taller than the tables in the classroom!
Also, some of us were set the challenge of building a bridge using the power of triangles using only one piece of A4 paper. We tried lots of different things but found that, by folding the paper like a fan, or concertina, it became much stronger. Some of our bridges held over 400g!
In the afternoon, we learnt about beavers. They are like the builders of the animal kingdom! Our challenge: to build our own beaver dams. We used sticks and mud to build a real dam, just like the beavers do. We loved how the mud felt between our fingers! The best bit was testing our two dams to see if they held back the water. Do you think they did?

Photos to follow…

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